About Us

About Us

We are delighted in welcome for a new host but...we are pride on his return.

Farmhouse Cà Giulietta in Sommacampagna is a small agricultural reality, halfway between Verona and Lake Garda, in the district of Lands of Custoza.

Our main activity is the cultivation of peaches and nectarines. Part of the crop make it into jams and juices for self consumption of the farm, along with the vegetables from our garden.

We are a farmhouse with formula "rooms and breakfast" style B & B, our management is familiar, and as in a house, we take care of all aspects, from the daily cleaning, the laundry, to have sheets and towels by the fragrance of laundry.

The farmhouse Cà Giulietta is the dream of the family Serpelloni to renovate the house of his grandmother.

It is here that the first-born child Piergiorgio discover the aromas and flavors of the hearth and especially the peasant life in the country, now the smells and flavors of good and genuine things, are offered in the morning with breakfast.